Writing: Keep a Journal

Blogging isn't for everyone. It takes a lot of transparency to run a blog, as well as a willingness to share your personal struggles- at least if you run a personal blog like I do. While there are things that I don't choose to share- mental health struggles, regular health struggles, some of my more… Continue reading Writing: Keep a Journal


I hate Candids

I hate candids. I never look good in them. I see people take them and post them on social media all the time, and I always ask myself how? Other people are so dang cute! It can really grind on my self esteem. As a women's liberationist, I feel ashamed of my aversion to candids,… Continue reading I hate Candids

Religion and Politics

I’m Obsessed with Christian Living Blogs- Send Help

I'm obsessed with reading Christian living blogs- not only that, but they're usually Christian mom blogs or wife blogs- I am neither of those things. It seems important to recognize here that I never want to be a wife or a mother, nor am I religious in any way, shape or form- but I just… Continue reading I’m Obsessed with Christian Living Blogs- Send Help