Comfort Food- How Cooking Fuels My Creativity.

So if you've seen any of my previous posts or even my archive, then you know that I post recipes. Living with celiac has forced me to become acquainted with the kitchen, and by reading recipe blogs, I eventually learned how to experiment, whether it be with classic favorites like spaghetti, or branching out and... Continue Reading →


Autumn Pasta Bake- and Yes, it’s Gluten Free

I love pasta. I also love autumn. I was grocery shopping and I had the perfect idea to combine the two. Granted, this could have turned out terribly. First, let's get to the ingredients: 1 box of gluten free penne noodles, cooked. 2 rolls of cinnamon and cranberry goat cheese 1 bag of mozzarella cheese... Continue Reading →

Living gluten free: it’s not that bad

More and more, I've noticed people in my life needing to start living the gluten-free lifestyle. I say lifestyle because it definitely isn't as easy as avoiding nuts (my boyfriend is allergic to tree nuts and he never has any issues with cross contamination). Gluten sneaks into almost everything that we eat, which is why... Continue Reading →

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