Writing: Keep a Journal

Blogging isn't for everyone. It takes a lot of transparency to run a blog, as well as a willingness to share your personal struggles- at least if you run a personal blog like I do. While there are things that I don't choose to share- mental health struggles, regular health struggles, some of my more... Continue Reading →


Am I finished yet?

You're 32,000 words into the novel you've been working on for half of a year now. You're struggling, you're tired, and you have finals to worry about- yet something still draws you in. You could put the novel aside, but somehow, you feel that if you do that you will never finish. I can't be... Continue Reading →

But I don’t want to: how to deal with being creative in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We've all had days where we just have nothing to do. We've also all had office days, something that I'm getting increasingly more frustrated with. No matter how fun the office is (and I have to admit, it's pretty fun some days), half way through the day, around 1 or 2 pm, I feel an urge to be creative. This urge usually manifests itself in a poem or a song which will pop into my head. Mostly, I just have ideas, but sometimes a full blown piece of art splatters itself on the wall of my cubicle and I am suddenly taken over by the need to fulfill my vision. That's why I'm writing this article right now. It's 2:41 pm. Today I'm overdue.

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