Writing: Keep a Journal

Blogging isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of transparency to run a blog, as well as a willingness to share your personal struggles- at least if you run a personal blog like I do. While there are things that I don’t choose to share- mental health struggles, regular health struggles, some of my more controversial viewpoints- I do make an effort to be as transparent as possible while also making my blog as enjoyable to read as possible.

Write NotebookBut my advice to writers who aren’t willing to be as candid? Or maybe blogging just isn’t for you? Keep a journal. Be as honest as possible.

I’ve found that being candid in my blogging and my journal helps me to be more honest in my fiction, and that’s what I’m really after. Your fiction is part of you, whether you mean for it to be or not.

One of my assignments in my rhetoric class is actually to keep a journal. Originally, I didn’t know what to think, but now I realize that logging my thoughts as I’m reading and analyzing the work is super helpful, and the same can be said for your fiction.

I use a journal specifically for my fiction ideas where I can play them out before translating them to a story. Think of it as an outline, but an exploratory one. I devote just 15 minutes a day sometimes, and I sometimes look up prompts on some of the flash fiction sites.

Writing isn’t easy- I should know, I can’t even finish my novel- and having a place to write out your thoughts is immensely helpful. My advice? Keep a journal. But, I’m not exactly famous so you don’t have to take my word for it, just try it.

What helps you write?



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