Comfort Food- How Cooking Fuels My Creativity.

So if you’ve seen any of my previous posts or even my archive, then you know that I post recipes. Living with celiac has forced me to become acquainted with the kitchen, and by reading recipe blogs, I eventually learned how to experiment, whether it be with classic favorites like spaghetti, or branching out and creating my own creations. With little options for eating out, I wanted to be able to treat myself to delicious food.

Not only has this habit allowed me to eat better and not starve, but it’s helped me get creative. It relaxes me. I’ve performed much better in my classes and in my creative projects. When my mind is relaxed, I can really buckle down and work.

My blog is mostly about creative ventures and  writing, as well as my musical ventures sometimes, but I post recipes because creating that dish gave me some sort of peace, and I want to spread that peace to others and share it with you, my readers.

It’s pretty striking, juxtaposing recipes with women’s liberation and religious freedom, but somehow I manage to do it. I sometimes feel like my blog is a train wreck.

The truth is, I keep this blog for myself but also for whatever audience I can get. I want to share myself with the world, I always have, and this blog is my window into it. Cooking brings me happiness, and that’s something I like to share with people.

When you have mental illness, working with the hands can be soothing and cooking is just that! Working with your hands helps regulate chemicals in the brain, and for me, it really works. I regularly take up activities that have to do with the hands.

So what helps you get creative?


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