The Spot On App: Yep it really is “Spot On”

No matter how you feel about planned parenthood- I’m a big fan but some aren’t- you should at least love their period tracking app, Spot On.

Available for Android and for IOS, this app is both a great way to track your every day health, and to be sure that your birth control is functioning as well as your body. It’s basically an all in one monitoring system that you can then show your GYN. It’s loaded with information and fun facts. It’s all around a great app.

So you downloaded it, now what?

Once you fill out some information (about you, your cycle and what birth control methods you use), you’ll find this page.

screenshot_2016-10-21-21-29-43 This is your period tracker. After it has your information, it can actually predict your periods! You also have the opportunity to track your symptoms, your normal bodily health, your mood and your birth control.

If you take the pill, you mark whether or not you took it, and it modifies your cycle to your pill. It also has a fun resources button. It looks kind of like this.

screenshot_2016-10-21-21-30-22 It has a nifty menu that’s jam packed with information. It provides information about every day period basics, what’s normal for your birth control method, generic vocabulary words you should know, and it has a health center locator and a link to the PP website.

You can update the app whenever your birth control changes through your settings.

I just downloaded this app today, but I’m already obsessed with it. It’s a great resource, and it’s informative both to your own body and to the basic functions that every woman should know about.

So go ahead and download Spot On. It’s informative, fun and free!


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