I filled in my eyebrows and I still don’t get it

This is a picture of me with my eyebrows filled in


(look at that handsome guy)

I probably did a bad job, but I honestly can now say that I have no clue why anyone bothers to do this. Maybe it’s my growing aversion to traditional femininity, but I just can’t understand why anyone would spend the extra time or money.

It took me an extra 30 minutes to do my makeup, and by the end of our outing, my eyebrows were coming off.

I liked how it looked, until I didn’t. My eyebrows felt thick (and I felt like my forehead was sweating more??)

Needless to say, the only way I’ll ever be partaking in this trend is if I pull an Amanda Palmer and shave them all the way off. It’s messy, it’s sweaty, and it made me feel like I had greasy eyebrows- and who wants greasy anything?

If any of my readers fill in their eyebrows, you’re a trooper.


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