A Case for Christ by Lee Strobel: Secular Book Review

So before we start, I have to relay the five star recommendations I’ve received per this book. The main selling points were:

  1. If you read this book, you’ll convert. It gives great evidence.
  2. The author used to be an Atheist so you’ll relate.
  3. It’s the best evidence based book on Christianity.
  4. Every Christian that’s read it has said that it’s solidified their faith.

However, my final book rating is a 2/5.

That’s not because I found it challenging to my lack of faith; after all, I gave “The Sin of Certainty” a 5/5- I loved it. It’s because I didn’t find the author or the book credible. It’s definitely a money grab. Here’s what I mean:

When you open “A Case for Christ” you’re met with a very crass portrayal of Atheism. The author, Lee Strobel, relays how he was oh so upset that his wife, whom he claims to love, converted to Christianity. Perhaps, had he had a moral standing against it or his wife had been concealing it from him, I could have understood, but those weren’t his qualms. His qualms were simply that his wife wasn’t “fun” anymore, and that he had married “fun Leslie”.

As an Atheist, I can’t find this credible. If my boyfriend of a year was to suddenly convert to Christianity, then I may ask him his reasoning – especially because he’s seemingly just as, if not more set in his lack of theism than I am- but I wouldn’t bemoan his decision to convert. Strobel seems to be portraying the stereotypical caricature of an Atheist rather than his realistic experience as an Atheist.

The second issue with his credibility was a lack of both sides being shared. Yes, he questioned a bunch of biblical scholars but that in no way represents both sides of an argument. If he were truly to make a credible argument, he would consider evidence from both biblical scholars and dissenting scholars. If your argument is that convincing, then you should be able to include both sides in your argument.

I can absolutely see why this would affirm a Christian’s already existing faith, but I just can’t see any firm Atheist or Agnostic reading this novel and saying “yep, this is all the evidence I need.”

While I appreciate the intentions of everyone who recommended this book to me, it’s not one that I would read again- nor is it one that I would recommend to anyone else- because, to be frank, it’s just hard to get through. It’s not well written, it’s a bit boring, and it gets very tiring to read characterizations about myself as a selfish, pretentious, horrible person who doesn’t want my partner to experience the love of Christ- that’s just not what Atheists are.

In short, I see the points, but there wasn’t a hook.

If you’re looking for a great Christian non-fiction, please pick up “The Sin of Certainty”.

What you read is important, so please don’t read this.

Here is the cover for those of you who have never seen this book before:71ay1rn0ral


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