Every couple should live together before making a commitment, otherwise, that commitment might turn out to be a broken one.

Every single couple on this planet should live together before getting married.

I would say “hitched” but I’ve grown to loathe that word, along with “honky-tonk”, “hanky-panky” and “moist”.

I only say this because my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to receive and internship at an asset management firm this summer (I won’t say the name for privacy purposes, and the fact that it isn’t important), but there was one problem. He lives in Memphis, the internship was here, in Baltimore. He decided to stay here, cross country, over the summer, and we ended up learning a lot more than the ins and outs of finance.

First, we learned that he’s much more of a thrill seeker than I am. When we went to an amusemenIMG_20160725_231411172t park, he was on every coaster. Me? Almost every one. Heights are definitely more his thing than my thing.


But that’s not the most important issue we’ve faced. We’ve discovered that I’m less, well, neat than he is. I don’t mind clutter, he does. We can’t both cook, because I tend to micromanage the kitchen activities. I need to learn how to relax, and he sometimes needs to learn how to stay motivated.

None of these things are huge, glaring flaws, but if we never lived together (without bills, mind you), we wouldn’t know this about us.

I don’t agree with the married life style. I think child rearing is selfish, and I honestly think adults that are unmarried sans kids are happier, but moving in together is a huge step, and it’s good that we had this period over the summer to take a trial run.


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