The Sin of Certainty by Peter Enns: Where was this when I was questioning faith?

Rating: 5/5 I'm going to try to do this without quotes or spoilers. (I listened to it on Audiobook, quotes are tough) I know I'm a self professed Atheist but I love this book, and it's not because it's so bad that it's good. No, it's quite the opposite. Peter Enns is an amazing writer,... Continue Reading →


Gluten-free Recipe: Blueberry Banana Bread Muffins

Most of you know by now that I'm gluten free. As a result, I've had to get crafty in the kitchen, making things that both myself and my boyfriend enjoy, while also making sure that they fit into my dietary restrictions. While most of my recipes are dinner recipes and healthy, I splurged a little... Continue Reading →

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