I’m voting for HRC to give Bernie Sanders his opportunity to continue his mission, and because some people have much more to lose with a Trump presidency.

I’m a huge Bernie supporter. I will defend Bernie Sanders until the day I die. In fact, I might even go get his tattoo. I honestly don’t like any other candidate. Bernie’s views lined up with my own almost perfectly. I would have loved to hear more about sexual assault, but hey, I’ll take what I got.

The big question for most Bernie supporters is who to actually vote for.  I’m not going to lie, I would love to vote for Jill Stein (although I do have some issues with her platform), but if I’m being completely honest with myself, she doesn’t have enough support to appear on the debates. I don’t personally care that I won’t see her debate, but the people who don’t know about her won’t vote for her. That means she won’t be able to win, unless by some big miracle, Hillary and Trump supporters don’t show up to the polls.

So what about the new #feelthejohnson movement? (That hashtag makes me cringe a little bit)

I would say yes, Gary Johnson is more against crony capitalism then your average political candidate, and he has a strong supporter base (he might even get into the debates) and if it looked like he was going to win? Yea, I’d probably vote for him if he was the only one beating Trump. What it comes down to for me is policy.

In a race where you don’t like any of the candidates (and trust me, I only truly liked Bernie), you have to vote based on policy. Trump won’t keep to his policy, he’s too about himself. Gary Johnson will because, well, he cares.  This may surprise you but, in my predictions, Hillary Clinton will too.

She hasn’t actually gone back on that many promises. Yes the details of her personal life and wealth gains are sketchy but politically? She’s only promised what she can manage (if she has a democratic congress, of course. Remember to vote for congress too!). I personally believe that Trump and Clinton are both in this for self gain, but, Clinton has a little bit more of a reason to stick to her original platform and promises.

For one, Hillary will be an eight year president (or at least attempt to be, my hope would be that a more progressive democrat would step up to the plate and run against her using this election’s momentum). She wouldn’t dare go back on her word (unless she KNEW it would be what her constituency wanted), because she wants to get re-elected, and after the DNC email scandal, she’ll need to do it fairly. All eyes will be on her. She has too much self preservation to go against what she set as her platform.

What about her war hawking? As far as I’m concerned, Hillary and Trump are the same on that matter. It’s truly the domestic issues that we need to be concerned with. If the only issues were our international issues, I’d vote Johnson. He’s much less of a war hawk, but domestically? Johnson has a lot of policies that will end up hurting women and POC (especially WOC), and women are my first concern in this election.

Johnson wants to leave abortion rights up to the state. I can’t let that happen, because I know that states like Texas and Mississippi will gladly strip women of their constitutional right. At least he supports same sex marriage.

Johnson also wants to get rid of federal student loans, but federal loans aren’t the issue. The issue is the interest. Cap the interest and cut the debt. Don’t get rid of the only source of low interest student loans that lower middle class to low income college students (hi) need in order to stave off awful Sallie Mae interest rates of 12% or more. My federal loans also have a 30 year payback option. That’s much better then my Sallie Mae loans, which have a 12% rate.

Hillary and Bernie’s college initiative plan is great for students. It will ensure that lower income students will get an education.

I’m not really voting for Hillary or against Trump, I’m voting for the policies that I support, and Hillary’s platform matches mine more then the other platforms. Sure, Johnson is okay socially, but he just can’t get my vote on education.

And most of all, we need a liberal government (including the new supreme court nominees) in order for Bernie Sanders to do his job. I’m not voting because I love Hillary Clinton, I’m voting because Bernie Sanders has a mission to accomplish (to help America move forward), and that can only be accomplished under a liberal presidency and congress.

A Trump presidency, no matter how untrustworthy you say Hillary may be, would be devastating to our country. I’m not even sure if he has a platform besides “Mexicans are rapists” and to catalog Muslims.

And honestly if you think that he wouldn’t be devastating, you’re probably white. Trump’s target demographic is overwhelmingly white.

For everything that Hillary has done, Trump has probably done something equally as bad, we just hear about Hillary more because she’s been in the public eye for so long (and she’s a woman).

If someone can convince me to vote third party, well, okay then, but as of now I just can’t let the Republicans have it, both because I’m loyal to my candidate (Bernie Sanders) and I’m incredibly scared about Trump.

I’m not happy about it, it kills me that my candidate wasn’t the one to be elected, but some of us have a lot more to lose in a Trump presidency than I do, and so I can’t let them lose that.

I wish it wasn’t that way, and I welcome arguments for Johnson. If you can change my mind (and it’s open to change), then please have at it, but at this point, I’m afraid. I just am.



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