But I don’t want to: how to deal with being creative in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We’ve all had days where we just have nothing to do. We’ve also all had office days, something that I’m getting increasingly more frustrated with. No matter how fun the office is (and I have to admit, it’s pretty fun some days), half way through the day, around 1 or 2 pm, I feel an urge to be creative.

This urge usually manifests itself in a poem or a song which will pop into my head. Mostly, I just have ideas, but sometimes a full blown piece of art splatters itself on the wall of my cubicle and I am suddenly taken over by the need to fulfill my vision. That’s why I’m writing this article right now. It’s 2:41 pm. Today I’m overdue.

Then again, once I get home, I hardly ever have the urge to write (blog posts, music or passages in my novel). I only have the urge to write in my desk, at an office, dressed in business casual attire.

It’s my work space. I feel much more motivated in a controlled environment with a stable work area and low distractions. That’s probably the issue with everyone who suffers this creative disconnect.

The only way to fix this is to create a stable working environment at home, but that’s extremely difficult in a household of five (especially when you share a room with one of them), but it’s doable.

There are five quick fixes that I’ve thought of:

  1. Move my laptop to a stable desk area (when I’m laying down on my bed, I just want to go to sleep, that’s not conducive to anyone’s creative mind).
  2. Turn off the phone (I’ve taken to turning off my phone at work. It forces me to think about a lot and be creative because I can’t just look up solutions to my problems or questions).
  3. Find some motivating listening material (I’ve taken to listening to audio books on topics that interest me. I get some cool knowledge AND it starts my thought on matters that I find to be important).
  4. Set a limit for yourself (I’ve decided to write at least one blog post a day and one article for The Odyssey Online every Wednesday).
  5. Keep a notepad by your desk at work (this way, you can write down all of those ideas and think about them throughout the day. They’ll be fresh in your head by the time you’re done).

I really hope I’m not the only one with this problem: I’ve long been afraid that I’m simply a master at procrastination rather then good at my work or at creating my art forms. Imitating the environment that you find to be the most conducive to creativity can certainly go a long way. I can’t wait to continue my creative journey, I just have to make sure I give myself some more help to be creative when the time is right.


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